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This is a personal bookmarking collection of things I find interesting while browsing the internet. Hope you enjoy them. –A.×

Albums on Deck.

Monthly music recommendations Go to Link.

– Website

Research and Development..

Sweden Art Director Duo Go to Link.

– Design

Skate Videos.

Soundtracks of Skateboarding videos Go to Link.

– Website

Crazy layout of a website who sells drones and weird cars Go to Link.

– Website

Brutalist Websites.

Amazing Websites Go to Link.

– Website

Making a sustainable independent print magazine.

From the creator of OffScreen Magazine Go to Link.

– Publishing

Emil Olsson.

A Stockholm based design and development practice. Go to Link.

– Design – Website


Create music with your keyboard, record in your browser. Go to Link.

– Music – Website

Basics 09.

A studio for graphic design in Berlin. Go to Link.

– Website – Portfolio

Publishing as (part-time) Practice.

A growing network of 26 small-scale Swedish publishers. Go to Link.

– Publishing


A small software company. Go to Link.

– Website

The Serving Library.

A cooperatively-built archive that assembles itself by publishing. Go to Link.

– Website


Google Images of Ellsworth Kelly. Go to Link.

– Art

By Ben Pieratt.

A Big List of Small Retailers with Nice Sites Go to Link.

– Website

Raphael Bastide.

Unilist: copy and paste unicode characters without advertising + free license. Go to Link.

– Website

Stefan Kanchev Google Images.

Google images of bulgarian graphic artist Stefan Kanchev. Go to Link.

– Design

Don't Follow the wind.

Website of Don't follow the wind an inaccessible exhibition in the radioactive zone in Fukushima, Japan. Go to Link.

– Website

We are internet #7.

Episode 7 - Dreaming Better Futures - of the serie We Are Internet by Internet Age Media. Go to Link.

– Video

Post Digital Publishing Archive.

Archive of Projects and Artworks at the Intersection of Publishing and Digital Technology. Go to Link.

– Website – Publishing

Silvio Lorusso Broken Kindle Screens.

56 Broken Kindle Screens is a print on demand paperback that consists of found photos depicting broken Kindle screens. Go to Link.

– Publishing